Meet Kate Winslet’s Secret Hubby

Not looking to make a big Kardashian-style splash as she wed for the third time, actress Kate Winslet secretly married her beau Ned Rocknroll earlier this month. The Brit is the nephew of Richard Branson, and works for his uncle’s space concern, Virgin Galactic. Rocknroll is his legal last name, although not the name he had at birth (it was originally Smith), and he and Winslet have been sharing a home since this past fall, after a bit over a year together. Rumor has it that the wedding was so hush-hush that even the bride and groom’s parents did not know about it! Would you have a secret wedding without your family in attendance or do you think that mom and dad should always be invited?

Newlyweds Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll. Image credit: Tyrone Siu/Reuters/Landov via People Magazine.

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