Is It Acceptable to Leave Partiers Off the Wedding Guest List?

A conversation recently sprung up on The Today Show about whether it is okay not to invite certain people to your wedding because they tend to be too much the life of the party. The topic came up because rumor has it that Angelina Jolie doesn’t want any heavy drinkers at her wedding…which leaves a bunch of fiance Brad Pitt’s buddies off the guest list. Kathie Lee Gifford joked that she and Hoda – morning television’s most famous wine guzzlers – will therefore not be invited either. What do you think: is it acceptable to tell your fiance he can’t invite his pals to your wedding because they like to party too much?

Don't expect to see this scene at Angelina Jolie's wedding. Credit: "Wedding Crashers," New Line Cinema

Don’t expect to see this scene at Angelina Jolie’s wedding. Credit: “Wedding Crashers,” New Line Cinema

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